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404 - Product Not Found. Micron's SolidScale storage disappears

Micron and Excelero websites both vanish all-flash array, but we're told it's not dead

Micron may have put its SolidScale all-flash array into web site limbo in preparation for big news.

The SolidScale scale-out all-flash array was announced in May, in a departure from Micron's usual focus on components. It used NVMe SSDs, had an NVMe over Fabrics access link, and was powered by Excelero's NVMesh server SAN software. The device could be either a shared external array block target, using clustered server nodes, or run as a virtual SAN in a hyper-converged infrastructure configuration.

The device was a beast: a three-node configuration could produce up to 10.9 million IOPS.

The Reg learned in May that Micron had invested in Excelero.

To promote the product, Micron had a SolidScale section on its website. Pointing your browser at this gets you a 404 data could not be found message.

Excelero also had a SolidScale section on its website. Again, that's now a 404.

The Reg suspected the twin 404s meant bad news for the product, but Excelero's corporate marketing veep Tom Leyden said; "To be clear, SolidScale has not been killed.

"Clearly, things are moving (for the best) ... There are still developments in progress so we wouldn’t be able to share the big news sooner."

Micron recently hired Anand Jayapalan to run its Storage Business Unit, which is responsible for the SolidScale array.

Is he making the decisions now?

Leyden said; ""Our relationship with Micron remains unchanged: we like their products and they like NVMesh. We continue to work with the same teams we have been working with all year, so we cannot comment on who is taking which decisions on the highest levels."

A Micron spokesperson said; "Micron is aligning the go-to-market and fulfillment process for its Micron SolidScale architecture to the company’s established Micron Accelerated Solution process and will no longer market directly under the Micron SolidScale brand.

"This alignment is intended to make the solution more quickly available to customers through channels that can provide a broader set of end-to-end service and support.

"The configuration that SolidScale supported will now be marketed as Micron Accelerated Solutions (MAS) built with Excelero NVMesh."

Also this;"Mr. Jayapalan has resigned his employment with Micron. Mike Rayfield, SVP, Mobile Business Unit will now also serve as Micron’s interim VP, Storage Business Unit."

What a sudden turn of events. ®

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