Brit cities overrun with middle-aged dronies, reckons survey

Remote-control flying toys are most beloved of men aged 45+

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Most British drone fliers are old men knocking on for retirement, reckons a drone retailer that carried out a survey.

The survey from e-tailer Drones Direct reckons that 96 per cent of drone users are men, while 59 per cent of all those surveyed are aged 45 and upwards.

Not even 10 per cent of drone fliers in the survey fell into the 18-24 age bracket, while a whopping 4 per cent were female.

Drones Direct did not reveal either the survey methodology or the actual number of people taking part – we can guess, probably accurately, that the number was a hundred or two at most and that participants were self-selected via a web quiz.

Other nuggets highlighted in the survey were that London, Bristol and Manchester are the UK's three busiest cities for drone fliers, with the capital accounting for a fifth of all urban dronies.

Dronies are also quite well-heeled: 10 per cent were willing to spend up to £300 on their next airborne plaything, if their intentions are to be believed. Nearly two-thirds (60 per cent) were prepared to splash out up to £99 per month.

This may be prophetic, given the government's expressed intention to implement some kind of drone registration scheme in the near future. Almost certainly, this will involve the transfer of money from dronies to the government and its designated registrar. ®


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