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Teradata lights candles, turns on TAP, runs itself soothing analytics bath

Spark, TensorFlow, Gluon, Theano – room for everyone

Data-warehousing and business intelligence firm Teradata is set to turn on its TAP – Teradata Analytics Platform – later this year.

The company is also adopting a price-cut-and-bundle strategy with its IntelliSphere concept.

TAP integrates Teradata and Aster technology with a plan to include analytical engines such as Spark, TensorFlow, Gluon and Theano.

These should provide quick and easy access to a range of algorithms, including those for deep learning.

It will have scalable analytic functions, such as attribution, path analytics, time series, and a range of statistical, text and machine learning algorithms.

Through TAP users can ingest and analyse data types such as text, spatial, CSV, and JSON formats, including support of Avro, an open-source data type that allows programmers to dynamically process schemas.

TAP will pipeline data and analytics within the platform and on a high-speed data fabric, eliminating the need, Teradata says, to store and move data across multiple engines.

It provides access to commercial and open-source analytic technologies and programming languages such as Python, R, SAS, and SQL

Tools such as Jupyter, RStudio, KNIME, SAS, and Dataiku are also compatible. Teradata AppCenter allows analysts to share applications with peers by deploying reusable models in a web-based interface with self-service access.

Teradata wants to have its software deployed in the Teradata Cloud, on its hardware, in the public cloud or run on VMware-powered commodity hardware, with portable and subscription-based licences. A subscription-based IntelliSphere licence will provide access to data ingest, management, deployment and access collections of products.

It says there will be substantial savings for customers versus individually buying products. Teradata cites a 30 per cent saving compared to the purchase of four products – Unity, Data Lab, Data Mover and Query Grid, with six additional products at no charge.

Teradata Analytics Platform with the Aster analytic engine will be available for early access later this year. ®

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