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Comtrade's latest HYCU release tightens bear hug around Nutanix

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+Comment Comtrade's HYCU product snuggled up to Nutanix as its most friendly data protection platform. The latest release sidles even closer with a great big Nutanix bearhug.

The release features:

  • ESX hypervisor support, with same interface and look and feel for Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV)
  • Deeper support for Microsoft Exchange with discovery and consistent backup of single server Exchange environments and mailbox level recovery
  • SQL users get ability to restore databases to a different SQL Server, and cloning for data recovery (DR)
  • Combined DR and backup for Remote Office Back Office (ROBO) environments
  • Blueprints for Nutanix Calm Marketplace, with HYCU available on the Calm Marketplace
  • Beta for Acropolis File Services (AFS) with support for impact-free, agentless file backup

HYCU uses the scale-out function of AFS and does the backups in parallel. The first full backup can be parallelised by the number of nodes the customer has in their system and complete more quickly.

With the ROBO support, customers who need DR set up standard Nutanix Protection Domains for the VMs and apps they want to protect in the remote site. The data gets replicated and will be DR-ready. HYCU uses the DR copy to create the backups and allows you to recover to the original source when needed. Customers get a backup without having to move the data from the source to the DR site and they have granular recovery capabilities.

Comtrade says HYCU has has been deployed by more than 200 customers and partners. HYCU is available for purchase worldwide through Comtrade partners, and list pricing starts at $1,500/socket or $999/socket for Nutanix Xpress Edition.


It seems to us that Comtrade is trying to position itself with regard to Nutanix as Veeam did with VMware in its early days. That playbook worked exceeding well for Veeam and Comtrade may be hoping for the same effect with its Nutanix focus. ®

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