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Commvault cosies up to Google Cloudies, vows to keep you safe from dreaded GDPR

Plus: Trying to make storage 'cool' in Antartica

Data-protector Commvault made several announcements at its annual customer shindig – including a GPDR "package", endpoint data protection as a service, a partnership with the Google Cloud Platform and a bit of Antarctic Expedition do-goodery.

The GPDR package is the first deliverable of a Data Analytics Portfolio, which will include products and services built on Commvault's core data platform product.

With this package, it claims customers will be able to identify, manage and reduce data privacy risks in compliance with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other data privacy regulations.

It said customers could use it to:

  • Detect an expandable set of personal data, initially focusing on Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on file systems and endpoints
  • Use dashboards, reports and visualisations to map where this PII information is located and drill down into the data
  • Create and assign automated work tasks to address customer requests and other remediation actions for PII data disclosure, export and erasure
  • Produce audit trails of PII data management actions

It'll be available by the end of December. Commvault said its portfolio of analytic applications, capabilities, solutions and services will be continually built upon over the next 18 months.

Endpoint data protection as a service

This will protect data on laptops, desktops and other endpoint devices in a Commvault-managed service. Data can be encrypted as well as being backed up and recovered, in a self-service manner as necessary. As part of it Commvault is introducing Endpoint Search. This features visibility and control over endpoint data for compliance and litigation purposes, with integrated full-text search and reporting from a consolidated pool of endpoint data.

The company is also getting into file sync and share with a Secure File Sharing offering as part of the service. It will enable end-users to securely store, access, and share files from virtually anywhere, at any time, on any device.

The main service and sub-services are generally available today from Commvault or through its managed service providers and resellers.

Google Cloud Platform

Commvault is announcing a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) partnership in which it can move data to the GCP and backup applications running in Google's cloud to GCP tiers or classes, such as Coldline, Nearline, Regional and Multi-Regional. Data placed in these these tiers will be part of the Commmvault data pool and be accessible through Commvault's data platform facilities.

There will be a single and comprehensive data view with data backup, recovery, management and e-discovery across on-premises, Google Cloud Platform and other cloud environments.

Compression and global deduplication will help customers move large volumes of data to GCP.

Commvault supports most common enterprise-class applications running inside Google Cloud Engine, including various file systems on Windows, Unix and Linux. Applications and databases, such as SAP, Exchange, Oracle and DB2 are supported, and big data applications such as GPFS, Mongo DB, Hadoop and others.

It offers data management capabilities on GCP for GSuite apps such as Gmail and Google Drive, including backup, recovery and management.

Antarctic do-goodery

Commvault will provide backup and data protection for data captured during the 2041 Foundation's expeditions. In these explorer Robert Swan and his son Barney will go to the South Pole or do a Trans-America bike ride to promote clean energy causes.

Commvault's chief marketing officer, Chris Powell, will take part in the final 10 days of the foundation's South Pole expedition in January. Expect a tweet and blog barrage.

Think about it – this is quite appropriate for an archiving cold storage company actually. ®

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