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World Vasectomy Day: 15k men line up for live vent-blocking

24-hour extravaganza ... live ops streamed

SFW The Reg readership might be interested to know that the coming Friday does not just signal the end of the working week and time to cut loose, it is also World Vasectomy Day.

WVD, to use the acronym, isn’t a new thing per se, it first started in 2013 to celebrate men around the world who are “stepping up for their partners, their families and their future” by getting the snip.

But this year, the fifth event, promises to be a wild extravaganza including a 24-hour "vasectomy-athon" and surgeons waiting to carry out the 10 to 30-minute op on volunteers with todgers.

“With 1,200 providers in 50+ countries, this will be the largest make-oriented family planning event to date,” according to the WVD not-for-profit organiser.

A bewildering number of operations, some 15,000, are planned for the day, to be performed by 1,200 vasectomists out of deferens to the “gender equity of family planning”. Quite right.

Activities are due to continue over the weekend, with live vasectomies to be streamed to audiences worldwide over the web from ground zero in Mexico, where WVD is being hosted for the first time.

Get a load of this: the number of men opting to take birth control in their own hands – rather than relying on their partners – has dropped dramatically in the UK. There were 11,113 ops in 2015 compared to 31,216 in 2005.

As is expected with such a delicate operation, men might be concerned of losing their libido post op. Fear not, that will not happen, we are assured. The deed might sting a bit with 95 per cent of patients claiming mild or minimal pain, this should pass in a matter of weeks. But should the subject realise they have made a mistake, like tattoos, vasectomies can be reversed, though it'll cost £2,000 to £5,000 to fix. ®

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