Fujitsu imagines adjusting your rear view mirror for better hearing

Yes, hearing: vibrating glass turns mirror into 'superdirective speaker'

Fujitsu Ten, the Japanese giant's automotive outfit, has developed technology that turns sheets of glass into speakers and thinks it could be used to help drivers talk on the phone without disturbing passengers.

The company recently built the glass into what it's called an “automative superdirective speaker” that it packed into a rear-view mirror along with an instrument panel.

Japanese media reported that the mirror works thanks to “An actuator that generates an ultrasonic wave … embedded in the black bezel of the exhibited glass plate.” The resulting sound will beam straight at the driver and be inaudible to other passengers.

Fujitsu's said it thinks the technology will improve hands-free calls, and passengers' experiences.

"We have not yet decided when to commercialize the technology," Fujitsu Ten said. "We will look for needs from now." ®

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