Apple embraces El Reg! iOS 11 is now biting the hand that types IT

Ahem ahem, have you... have you tried turning off and on again?

Call it a bug, call it a spellcheck quirk, or call it a wonderful bit of wishful thinking; iPhone owners are all about the IT department these days.

Thanks to an apparent error in the latest version of iOS, some Apple fans see the word "it" autocorrect to "I.T." when typing messages. Similarly, "is" is autocorrected to "I.S." apparently.

Various peeps report the issue is occurring after recent firmware updates, such as iOS 11.1.1:

Over on Apple community site MacRumors, hundreds of iPhone owners are reporting the same issue in multiple cases. In fact, the problem appears to date back as far as September according to posts on Apple's support forums.

"I know that I can simply turn off autocorrect, but I actually want it on for most purposes. I have confirmed that it isn't a shortcut that someone set up as a joke," one punter wrote.

"I have also Reset the dictionary. I have also powered my phone off and on several times. It is maddening! If you didn't know, you use the word 'it' quite a few times in emails an texts."

Try as we might, however, El Reg was unable to duplicate the issue, suggesting I.T. is only affecting a subset of iPhone users. Your mileage may vary. Below is a video demonstrating the cockup.

Youtube Video

There is no word yet on whether Apple will address the blunder in a future iOS update. It reminds us of the weird symbol cockup affecting iPhones and other iThings running iOS 11. To channel dead Steve Jobs, if you're affected by the error, perhaps you're typing it wrong? ®

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