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SpaceX 'raises' an extra 100 million bucks to get His Muskiness to Mars

Harebrained space schemes are expensive, yo

SpaceX has amended an US Securities and Exchange Commission filing from August to reveal it raised cash by selling off about a hundred-million bucks more in equity and stock than previously disclosed.

Elon Musk's Mars project last raised about $350m in July from selling off equity and stock. The new filing adds about $100m more, bringing the total to $450m.

A company mouthpiece told The Register: "This filing simply discloses that SpaceX received an additional $100m of investment as part of the last funding round which was disclosed earlier this summer."

Equidate boosted SpaceX's post-money valuation to $21.5bn from $21.4bn.

One of Musk's big goals for SpaceX is to – somehow, ask him, not us – get humans to Mars in seven years. Obviously, that costs moolah. The biz has raised more than a billion dollars so far, according to Equidate.

Once upon a time, SpaceX rockets had an unfortunate penchant for exploding – including the Falcon 9. For fun, Musk released a video of all the bloopers.

According to its website manifest, SpaceX's last "completed" mission was out of Cape Canaveral on October 30.

SpaceX recently delayed the launch of Zuma, originally scheduled for November 17.

But go easy – getting to the Moon was no walk in the park. As Musk would likely say, reaching Mars is way harder. ®


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