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Elon Musk says he's not Satoshi Nakamoto and is pretty rubbish at Bitcoin

He had some once, but lost them down the back of the sofa

In fact he's kinda rubbish at cryptocurrency altogether Tesla, SpaceX, OpenAI and Boring Company boss Elon Musk has denied inventing the blockchain and bitcoin, or being Satoshi Nakamoto.

Musk felt the need to do so after a Medium post by a former SpaceX staffer theorised that Musk's fondness for C++, known skill with cryptography, linguistic habits that seem close to Nakamoto's and general all-round billionaire-who-likes-to-solve-big-problems status made him a candidate for being Bitcoin's elusive inventor.

That post surfaced last Thursday, November 23rd. On the 28th, Musk shot the theory down as follows.

Musk joins a growing list of people who have turned out not to be Satoshi Nakamoto, among them Australian chap Craig Wright, compute scientist Satoshi Nakamoto and PGP Corporation employee number two Hal Finney.

'Bitcoin creator' Craig Yeah Wright in meltdown


This is as good a time as any to add all Reg staff to that list. Yes, if you squint the right we look capable of biting the hands that feeds the world economy, but our plans to hack society remain secret for now for reasons we cannot divulge. ®

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