Nationwide UK web bank and app take unscheduled nap

Customers report woes at ATMs too. Xmas shopping? Maybe not

Updated Nationwide UK’s online presence is anything but this morning, what with an unspecified tech infrastructure glitch that has prevented customers across Blighty from logging into their accounts or using ATMs.

According to Down Detector, the building society services went to sleep as 08.56 GMT, much to the annoyance of customers who deposited angry comments on the site - a hall of shame for outage-struck firms.

One such punter, Louise Streeter, said:

“Nationwide down again, couldn’t make a payment over the phone, online banking down, faster payments down… 4 November, same thing happened last month. 4 December here we are again. Sort it out.”

Many customers reported their accounts had vanished, which for some meant a delay to Chrimbo shopping or bill payments, but for others was more pressing still.

“Won’t let make online payments, rather annoying and [an] inconvenience as our electric is about to run out! Then we will be buggered,” someone known only as Chris said on Down Detector.

Another, Lee Johno, said “Can’t withdraw cash so can’t travel to work. Just been told by my employer not to turn up tomorrow if I can’t be bothered with Mondays. So thanks a bunch Nationwide.”

Nationwide’s press office, which was clearly still able to send emails, admitted it was “currently experiencing a technical issue” with its internet bank and mobile banking app.

“We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Customer service is the highest priority for Nationwide and the issue was identified quickly and we are working on restoring full service as soon as possible.”


Nationwide has managed to bring services back online, but hasn't detailed what caused the technical glitch. ®

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