O Christmas wreath, O Christmas wreath, thy potent skunk's in bunches

Ding bong merrily you're high

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Nothing says Christmas like a wreath. Except of course a reefer wreath. But why stop at Jesus and Mary, when you can add a full ounce of Mary Jane, dressed with eucalyptus, wheat and rosemary that stoners can use to decorate their knockers this festivus.

The seasonal arrangement, only on sale in Los Angeles, is the result of a partnership between local florist Amy Nicole Floral and a Mendocino-based commercial cannabis cultivator.

“The holidays are here and we’re celebrating with unique, one-of-kind cannabis wreaths. Each wreath is handcrafted with holiday foliage, dried herbs, and one ounce of sun grown artisanal cannabis,” the sales blurb stated.

Sold online by Henry’s Original for an eye-watering $400, the wreath uses Manzanita, a potent proprietary herb that apparently stems in part from Chemdawg, the original source of strains including Sour Diesel and OG Kush.

How potent is this strand? Leafly, which provides information on such things, rated it at 4.3 out of 5 and warned the hybrid can be smelt from a mile away. So it won’t just be the smell of mulled wine greeting carollers this Chrimbo.

And if those festive singers are offered to sample a wreath reefer, rather than a warn cup full of fermented grapes, El Reg wonders how many households they’ll visit before they think "F*$% it, let's go home and watch TV".

If the smoke is as good as it has been billed, maybe the carollers will think the knocker is saying Merry Christmas to them each time they rock up at a new front door.

Dickens' festive tale started with Scrooge thinking he saw deceased business partner Jacob Marley’s face on the door knocker to his own house, so maybe the carollers will think of Marley each time they knock... not Jacob though. ®


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