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YouTuber cements head inside microwave oven

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A YouTube stunt imbecile was rescued by firefighters yesterday after cementing his head inside a microwave.

The video of the incident, titled I cemented my head in a microwave and emergency services came.. (nearly died), can be found on the TGFbro channel, as part of an "Extreme Christmas Calendar" series. It has gained more than 850,000 views in 13 hours.

Youtube Video

The channel's two stars – Jay Swingler and Romell Henry, of Fordhouses, Wolverhampton – mixed several boxes of Polyfilla (spackling paste for our US readers) before inserting Swingler's head, bound in a plastic bag with a breathing tube, into a microwave full of the quick-setting plaster.

Swingler (understandably) found it difficult to breathe despite inserting the tube. Henry and other friends struggled to break through the solidified paste using metal tools and an electric drill, before calling the fire brigade and ambulance.

The emergency services then took an hour and a half to remove the assembly. Swingler, speaking directly to the camera at the end of the video, thanks the fire brigade and paramedics, and also his friends for acting quickly when the problems began.*

Speaking to the BBC, Watch Commander Shaun Dakin of the West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS) said: "All of the group involved were very apologetic, but this was clearly a call-out which might have prevented us from helping someone else in genuine, accidental need."

WMFS's official Twitter account tweeted yesterday: "We're seriously unimpressed 😡.

"Five of our firefighters were tied up for an hour this afternoon, freeing a YouTube pranker whose head had been 'cemented' inside a microwave oven." ®

*Debatably, the problems started as soon as he had the idea to stick his head in a microwave full of Polyfilla, but different perspectives and all that.

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