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Avere wheels out fitter, faster filer accelerator

Latest edge box pumps out more data with haste, claims vendor

NAS accelerator Avere has introduced a beefier box to top its edge filer range – the FXT 5850.

Avere can accelerate file access in the public cloud with virtual FXTs, and also on-premises with its FXT edge filers. These front-end existing filers and can act as stonking fast read and write caches for them. As file workloads rise, with both more and bigger files, having a fatter and faster FXT makes sense.

The previous range-topper, the 1U 5600 could scale out to 24 nodes and featured 16 CPU cores, 480TB of maximum cluster SSD capacity, 9.6TB SSD per node, 384GB DRAM per node, 4GB NVRAM, and 4 x 1GbitE ad 4 x 10GbitE ports.

Here's a table showing the four FXT boxes:

  5200 5400 5600 5850
DRAM 128GB 256GB 384GB 768GB
SSD - 4.8TB 9.6TB 19.2TB
HDD 7.2TB - - -
25GbitE ports - - - 4 or 4 x 10GbitE
10GbitE ports 4 4 4 4
1GbitE Ports 4 4 4 4

All the versions use a 1U enclosure and scale out to 24-node clusters from a 3-node minimum cluster.


Avere FXT 5000 enclosure

The 5850 has:

  • More than doubled performance, going from 4GB/sec to 9GB/sec aggregate read throughput,
  • Double the capacity with twice as much DRAM and SSD as the FXT 5600,
  • 2.5X increase in network bandwidth, moving from 4 x 10GbitE ports to 4 x 25GbitE ports.

We imagined it had an upgraded processor, a Skylake one probably, but,in fact the four systems all use the same processor type, an E5-2640v3, 2.6GHz 8-Core Haswell-EP - two of which provide 16 cores in total. These systems are not gated by compute power.

The FXT 5850 is available now but you'll have to contact Avere for pricing. ®

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