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TPG joins the NBN speed-fail refund club

100 Mbps? Tell 'em they're dreaming, son

TPG has joined Telstra and Optus in agreeing to refund customers who couldn't get the National Broadband Network speeds they expected.

The company, whose brands include TPG, iiNet and Internode, reached agreement with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) yesterday.

TPG's transgression was the same as the other two major carriers: advertising 100 Mbps plans on infrastructure (nbn™'s fibre-to-the-node, FTTN, and fibre-to-the-basement, FTTB) that couldn't deliver.

The ACCC announcement puts TPG's refund offer at between AU$10 and $30 for “each month they paid for their plan”, a stipulation not made in either its Telstra or Optus announcements.

Here's how the three carriers performed at their different speed tiers:

Plan "Slow" customers - Telstra "Slow" customers - Optus "Slow" customers - TPG
100 Mbps 56% 48% 62%
50 Mbps 45% 26% 4%
25 Mbps 2% 3% 2%
Customers to be refunded 42,000 8,700 8,000

It should be noted that TPG no longer offers a 25 Mbps plan.

Options for TPG customers also include changing plan (including the refund), exiting their plan at no cost (which also includes the refund), or remain on their current plan but forgo the refund.

TPG's undertaking also includes a commitment not to advertise speeds it can't achieve. ®

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