Or perhaps you're an 'OTAKE' – an Opinionated Tw*t who Always Knows Everything

On-Call Welcome again to On-Call, which we are running daily this week because lots of you have sent submissions that deserve an airing and also because there's SFA news to write this week.

"What's SFA?" you may be asking at this point. It's an acronym for Sweet F*** All, that's what, and we've used it so we can introduce a few of your fellow readers' favourite acronyms they sent in after our story about PEBCAK – "Problem Existed Between Chair And Keyboard".

"Tim" said he's seen the code "KMACYOYO" for customers who "ignored everything that a support agent suggested".

It translates as "Kiss My Ass, Clown, You're On Your Own".

"Cameron" used to work for a top-tier outsource and made an acronym of "Current User Needs Training" to put on some users' files.

The same naughty acronym was also suggested to us for "Computer User – Non Technical" or "Can't Use New Technology".

We also delved into the comments on the PEBCAK story for this On-Call. One reader said he's recently coined the related term "PEBSAFF" for the touchscreen age. It stands for "Problem Exists Between Screen And Fat Fingers!"

The comments also gave us acronyms such as:

  • OTAKE – Opinionated Twat. Always Knows Everything
  • TLMYOYO – Tough Luck Mate, You're On Your Own
  • WOC – Waste Of Carbon, applied to very silly users
  • BIOS – Basic Intelligence Operator Subnormal

Some readers ventured beyond IT to offer us medical acronyms such as "PENCIL: Patient Exists, Not Considered Intelligent Life". Another told us about the hospital code "PAFO", which was used to describe people who were "Pissed and Fell Over". Your fellow reader told us "Management got snotty and it was changed to EA (Ethanol Abuse)".

If you use different acronyms in your support operation, share them with On-Call and if they're good we may do this again some time in 2018. ®

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