A storage baker's dozen: We spill the tea on the firms, the faces, the dough

Who else will dish the storage dish?

What went on in storageland this week, you ask? Keep your saucer level, but we had Cisco saying its kit will be needed because the cloud is spreading, Delphix snuggling up to SAP, Zerto going even more multi-cloud, plus a good few smaller items.

Cisco Cloud Index Study

By 2021, 94 per cent of workloads and compute instances will be processed by cloud data centres and just 6 per cent will be processed by traditional data centres, or so says Cisco, at least. This isn't as bad as you think it would be for the on-premises world as a cloud data centre in Switchzilla's study can be public, private or hybrid.

By 2021, hyperscale data centres will support:

  • 53 per cent of all data center servers (27 per cent in 2016),
  • 69 per cent of all data center processing power (41 per cent in 2016),
  • 65 per cent of all data stored in data centers (51 per cent in 2016),
  • 55 per cent of all data center traffic (39 per cent in 2016),

The study doesn't obviously suggest any measured split between on-premises and public cloud data centres.

Delphix adds GDPR capabilities to its SAP support

Database virtualizer Delphix has announced enhancements to its Dynamic Data Platform to deliver advanced algorithms specifically tuned for SAP data, able to mask full volumes of SAP data with a whole new level, it says, of speed, simplicity, and accuracy.

It said DDP can provide SAP customers with:

  • Automatic identifying of sensitive data within SAP - that is subject to GDPR - in minutes, by intelligent profiling of database tables in SAP apps to pinpoint sensitive data,
  • Apply masking to sensitive data quickly,
  • Masking algorithms can be applied to both SAP and non-SAP apps so that interfaces and referential integrity is consistent across a testing landscape whether SAP-only or hybrid,
  • Enable teams to mask SAP data once, then deliver multiple copies to on-premises or cloud SAP environments.

Zerto goes multi-cloud

Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) v6.0 helps organisations move and protect data between multiple cloud environments, including Azure, IBM Cloud, AWS and more than 350 additional CSPs, which means organisations have far more flexibility in which clouds they choose to use and combine at any one time.

This capability provides full and complete public cloud-to-public cloud disaster recovery and prevents organisations from being locked in to cloud vendors.

The company claimed it combines continuous replication, automated orchestration and enterprise-class scalability in a single platform. Enhanced journal file level restores support file-level recovery in both Linux EXT and Windows file systems which equates to faster restore times. Zerto Analytics has been enhanced in ZVR 6.0 to give customers visibility into the health and compliance of protected multi-site, multi-cloud environments.

These enhancements include expanded dashboards with new live network analysis reports for troubleshooting and optimization, insights into network throughput and performance, the ability to monitor site-to-site and outbound traffic and 30 days of network history metrics for any site.

With a new CSP Management Portal, CSPs will be able to remotely upgrade customer sites to provide them with continuous availability and latest software releases, it said.


  • Data protector Comtrade Software and deduping backup to disk supplier ExaGrid announced a partnership to offer a backup-application-to-backup-storage solution for Nutanix.
  • Storage SI Keeper Technology has added Violin Systems all-flash arrays to its portfolio, alongside DDN, Quantum and SpectraLogic.
  • Object storage supplier MatrixStore has sold two MatrixStore clusters to protect and secure images for Makhzan e-Tasaweer, the official image library of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, which is sited in London, UK.
  • Samsung has begun mass production of a 256GB embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) for cars and trucks, based on automotive specifications from the JEDEC UFS 3.0 standard. It's being shipped to automotive manufacturers preparing the market for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), next-generation infotainment systems and new-age dashboards in luxury vehicles.
  • HCI vendor Scale Computing has worked with backupper Unitrends so that Scale Computing’s HC3 hyper-converged platform combined with Unitrends’ Recovery Series solution, allows organisations to protect and recover their cloud workloads. Unitrends provides integrated granular recovery of single data elements, long term retention across on-premises, remote, and cloud-based data, multi-site replication configurations, and automated application-level recovery testing.
  • In-cloud backupper Spanning Cloud Apps has strengthened its Spanning Backup for Salesforce offering, with automated metadata restore of 10 metadata types within and between Salesforce organisations. There is sandbox seeding with options for granular anonymisation of data, fine-grained controls over the restoration of data, and metadata comparison.
  • Storage Made Easy said object storage supplier Cloudian will resell its SME Enterprise File Fabric, which fabric simplifies data compliance with single-pane control across 60 different data sources. The M-Stream feature within File Fabric enables high-speed cross-country or cross-continent transfers of large video files stored in Cloudian object storage.


  • Consequent on Rubrik buying DatosIO, Peter Smalls, DatosIO's VP for Marketing and Business Development has left to pastures new and as yet unknown.
  • Snowflake (data warehouse in the cloud) has three new execs:
    • Christian Kleinerman as VP of Product,
    • Amritesh Chaudhuri as VP of Product Marketing,
    • Mario Duarte as VP of Security.
  • Violin Systems has hired Gary Lyng to be VP for Product Management and oversee the company’s product strategy and execution. He has WiZR (AI-based analytics), SanDisk, EMC, NetApp, Hewlett Packard, and Veritas Software in his CV.
  • Virtual Instruments has appointed Peter Dayton as its Chief Financial Officer (CFO), who comes from being CFO at Vasona Networks. The previous CFO, Kevin O'Donnell, left in August 2017, to join SugarCRM as its SVP for Finance and Accounting.

There's a nagging feeling that something's missing. What can it ... yes, got it - Veeam has not announced anything this week. Come on, folks. Stop slacking... ®

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