DevOps, Containers and CD: What happens when theory is put to the test?

CLL18 delivers reports from the front line

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Promo Talk about DevOps, Containers or Agile all you want, but sometimes you’ve just got to zip up your hoodie and do it.

That’s why at Continuous Lifecycle we’ve got a range of conference speakers who’ve put the tech and theory to the test in their own companies, and lived to tell the tale. From media to motors, from retail to money, they’ve taken the plunge, and are coming together to tell you all about it.

They’ll be joined by industry experts who have implemented systems across a range of organisations, are getting to grips with the most cutting edge tools, and in some cases have been instrumental in developing the tools themselves.

And if you think this is all green field stuff, don’t be fooled. Most of these folks have wrestled with how to exploit the latest tools and technologies while also maintaining legacy infrastructure.

So, wherever you are with overhauling your software development and deployment operation, we know you’ll learn plenty, both from our speakers, and your fellow attendees.

Which is why we’ll also ensure you get plenty of chances to chat, whether over lunch, tea, or at our first night drinks party. So with early bird tickets still available, there’s no better time to head over to the Continuous Lifecycle website and snap up a ticket now. ®


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