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Chilly willies: Swedish nudie nightclub opens in -11°C to disgust of locals

Branded 'a breeding ground for depression and broken souls'

A nightclub that spiritually stimulates dance zealots to peel off their clothes and shake their booty was branded a "breeding ground for broken souls" by a totally different sort of radical.

Klubb Naket, based on the island of Södermalm near Stockholm, Sweden, hosted its first event on Saturday eve, clearly undeterred by the freezing conditions outside where the temperature slumped to -11°C.

The not-so-hotspot promised to play electronic music and expected to attract a largely fetishistic and LGBTQ audience. But here's the pull, or the rub, depending on how attached you are to your clothing: "It's a plus if you're naked. Take off your clothes in the wardrobe = free entrance.

"Come naked. Come as you are. Do whatever you want. Everything stays here," the club promo stated. Apparently, there are areas where guests can "do what you feel right now and then".

Some 400 people made it to the club on Saturday, said Eddie Eneqvist, one of the event organisers. "It was around 50/50 naked, with great respect and understanding between the two," he told The Local.

But local parishioners might not be counting their blessings with regard to Klubb Naket's opening, including Pastor Lennard Torebring of Södermalmskyrkan, a church in the heart of Stockholm.

"We believe in sexual purity and that sexuality needs to be protected through marriage," he told local rag StockholmDirekt.

"We can't just do whatever we like... What happens on Södermalm now can have serious consequences, the club becomes a breeding ground for depression and broken souls."

Eneqvist described Klubb Naket as an event for lovers of electronic music and encouraged "EVERYONE" to come down and dance like it is going out of fashion.

"The make-out room should rather be seen as an open lounge." ®

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