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123 Reg suffers deja vu: Websites restored from August 2017 backups amid storage meltdown

Daily backups? We've heard of them

The UK's self-proclaimed number one website provider, 123 Reg, is having yet another very bad day, although arguably not as bad as those of its long-suffering customers.

We're told 123 Reg has hit upon the ultimate method to protect users' website files from hackers by, er, losing them. The hosting biz suffered a storage cockup – likely, failed disks – forcing it to restore some unlucky punters' websites from backups... that date back to August 2017.

Other users are reporting their 123 Reg-hosted websites have been taken offline with no indication from the Brit biz as to the nature of the issue and when the normal, sometimes problematic, service will be resumed.

The harassed support team at 123 Reg has no doubt been doing their best to staunch the outpouring of grief.

Unfortunately, confirming that the restored backups date from August 2017 and there is little more that can be done at this stage is unlikely to placate panicked users.

123 Reg told The Register: "Yesterday morning, a hardware failure on one of our servers led to a small number of customers’ websites being offline. Following attempts to restore these websites, regrettably, some returned to earlier versions or lost some content on their sites. Our service teams are continuing to help customers restore from their own backups. 123 Reg would like to apologise to all customers affected."

The hosting business has form with outages and security headaches, with unencrypted data connections and email services at times less stable than a drunk at a free bar.

Customers will be reassured that the backups appear to date back to when 123 Reg, er, hiked its hosting prices. So that's OK then. ®

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