Ocado to stock cannabidiol-infused water

Are you high?

For Wednesday's bollocks du jour comes news that Ocado, the UK online grocer, is to fling bottles of cannabis oil-infused spring water at gullible thirsty customers.

Drinkers hoping for a relaxing lunch break followed by a somewhat unproductive afternoon will be disappointed on two counts.

A 500ml bottle of the liquid - made by Croydon-based Love Hemp - contains only 2mg of cannabidiol (CBD) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) has concluded that CBD "does not appear to have abuse potential".

Many great claims are made for the benefits of consumption of CBD. Love Hemp trumpets effects such as improvements to cognitive function and "health and wellness for the mind and body".


In its marketing blurb for the wonder-water, Love Hemp has also included a link to a WHO study (PDF) that, er, says nothing of the sort.

In short, the report explains that CBD has only been demonstrated in clinical trials as an effective treatment for epilepsy, with doses being tested ranging from 100 to 800mg per day (refined to 200 to 300mg as trials progressed).

To ingest even the lowest dose, a determined consumer would need to plough through 25 litres of the stuff, which would cause all kinds of other problems.

In fairness, the WHO details a list of conditions for which CBD might have benefits, such as heart disease, depression and cancer, but cautions that there is at best very limited clinical evidence and that a great deal more research is needed.

And in any case, a patient would likely need considerably more than the tiny amount dropped into a £1.29 bottle of water.

So, by all means please enjoy a bottle of chilled cannabis-infused water, just don't expect a quick fix for whatever ails you. ®

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