VMware-on-AWS coming to Frankfurt, Sydney, Japan, with vMotion between regions too

Virtzilla's Amazonian cloud is also tooling up for managed services providers

VMware has started planning to bring its Amazon Web Services tie-up to Australia and Japan.

The company last week made a bunch of cloud announcements about its cloudy future, including a promise that it would get to Western Europe and the Asia Pacific region some time soon. But The Register has since been steered towards a public roadmap that reveals rather more about the company's plans.

The document categorises services as either Available, Preview, Developing or Planning.

In the Preview pile you'll find interesting services such as:

  • Zero recovery point objectives high availability for enterprise applications virtualized on vSphere across AWS Availability Zones (AZ), leveraging multi-AZ stretched clustering;
  • vMotion between hosts in a stretched cluster across 2 AWS Availability Zones
  • A firewall rules accelerator "to allow communication across on-premises networks and VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC components";
  • The NSX for vSphere Simplified API that "Automates configuration of your VMware SDDC networking using NSX for vSphere Simplified RESTful APIs".

On the "developing" list you'll find the "MSP Billing API" and "MSP Usage API", which seems interesting as both hints at a greater role for managed service providers tending VMware-on-AWS rigs. We offer that analysis as the roadmap says the Biling API is for "Enabling managed service providers to download bills in an AWS consistent csv format for their managed SDDCs via API" while the usage API should help "… managed service providers to download utilization metrics for their managed VMware SDDCs." VMware's also popped out this post that says "VMware Cloud on AWS will be available for VMware Cloud Provider Program (VCPP) partners via the Managed Service Provider (MSP) program using commitment based contracts." So brace yourself for some third-party fun.

Back to the roadmap, which also mentions a plan let customers "… select a particular day and time of the week for VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC maintenance." That may come in handy as VMware-on-AWS has quite a few scheduled outages.

On the "Planning" list is "vMotion between SDDCs deployed in different regions" to let users conduct "live migration (vMotion) of virtual machines between SDDCs deployed in different regions." In a similar vein, the company plans "vCenter Hybrid Linked Mode support for multiple SDDCs" with the aim of "Enhancing single logical view and hybrid management of resources across multiple VMware SDDCs."

Also on the drawing board is "vSAN full data store encryption with customer managed keys", new VMware-on-AWS regions in Sydney, AWS GovCloud (US-East), Japan and "Additional EU and Asia Pacific Regions".

There's plenty more on the roadmap, which can even be configured to list any of the four categories mentioned above. ®

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