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Windows 10 to force you to use Edge, even if it isn't default browser

Grab some popcorn: Redmond has asked for feedback

Microsoft’s about to test a new feature of Windows 10 that will force users to employ its Edge browser under some circumstances.

Revealed in the announcement of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17623 for Skip Ahead, the change means “we will begin testing a change where links clicked on within the Windows Mail app will open in Microsoft Edge”.

Microsoft’s justification for the change is that Edge is the best, most secure browser on Windows 10.

But the change will reportedly override users’ preference for default browser.

While that’s naughty in lots of ways and makes Microsoft’s efforts to boost its browser’s market share pretty lame, this change won’t have a massive effect because Windows Mail isn’t a big deal. A firm named Litmus tracks email client use and in its analysis of the email market in 2017 found Outlook has six per cent of the email client market, has four per cent and Windows Live Mail had one per cent market share. Windows Mail didn't get a mention. That means it is behind even Yahoo! mail’s two per cent market share not in the same postcode as the 28 per cent share for the iPhone’s email client, 26 per cent for Gmail, and even the five per cent market share for Samsung’s mail client.

And of course the change also applies to a Preview, meaning there’s a decent chance this “feature” won’t ever make it into a proper version of Windows 10.

Microsoft’s post is also peppered with calls for feedback: The Register imagines few comments Redmond receives will be positive. ®

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