You must be yolking: English pub to launch eggstravagent Yorkshire pudding

Cracking idea or chocolate-coated nightmare?

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A Nottingham pub reckons it has cracked Easter PR with the launch of a Cadbury Creme Egg Yorkshire pud*.

The Riverside Farm's egg-citing creation will be a traditional giant Yorkshire stuffed full of enough sugar to send your kids rattling around the room for the whole four-day weekend.

According to local media reports, two chocolate sponge cakes will be filled with the famous Creme Egg white and orange fondant. They will be baked inside a giant Yorkshire pud case, with Creme Eggs and chocolate swirls on top.

Although your correspondent thinks the pub has missed the opportunity to put some traditional Easter Corn Flake nests on top, another member of the elite food concoctions rating team at Vulture Central said it was a "monstrosity", and a third suggested we called the pub to "find out what they'd been drinking".

However, staff at the pub said they were too busy baking to have a chat with El Reg about the special Easter dessert (fair enough, given they will no doubt be feeling hen-pecked if orders for the cake are flocking in) – but they did confirm the cake would be making its way on to the menu soon.

The pub isn't the first to mess about with the northern staple that never did owt to anyone. Morrisons recently made a 6.5-inch abomination that was half pud, half pizza.

Predictably, Reg readers were in favour of the ungodly mess, declaring it a "culinary genius".

Others wanted it to go further, with our competition winner suggesting they pile on horseradish sauce, wrap it in a "woven bacon mat" and chuck it in the deep fat fryer.

So how will the Creme Egg Yorkie go down? Would you have to be clucking mad to eat it – or is the batter revolution egg-shaped?

You tell us. ®

*For our unenlightened brethren and sistren, this is a traditional English batter popover-type concoction that is mostly served as a savoury with Sunday roasts but sometimes sweetened as a dessert.


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