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Reg writer wins quite prestigious journalism prism

Mark Pesce hailed as Best Columnist

Register columnist and futurist Mark Pesce has been named Australia’s best IT columnist.

Pesce was named the winner of the “Lizzie” last Friday after submitting three columns to the judges.

Can you ethically suggest a woman pursue a career in tech? said that while “the number of women going studying engineering at the tertiary level has begun to arc upward” and argued that “It’s not enough to forgo the casual sexism that fills our tech workplaces: we have to call it out. We need to make it impossible for a serial sexual harasser to move from job to job - as they regularly do - avoiding the consequences of their actions.”

In Facebook is abusive. It's time to divorce it, published in May 2017, Pesce asked “if what we know now is insufficient to inspire a transition away from Facebook, what will it take?”

Surveillance Capitalism thinks it won, but there's still time to unplug it argued that Facebook and friends have us under surveillance, “But boycotts alone will not clean up the mess we’ve made.”

“That, dear Reg readers, starts with us. We’re the folks who made this world. We’re the folks who keep it ticking over. Surveillance capitalism, that’s on us. It’s our legacy.”

From all at The Register, congrats to Mark. ®

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