Sydney readers: Join Vulture South for beer and sympathy in April

Our tech support support group, On-Call Live, hits the harbour city on April 19th

Every Friday, The Register publishes On-Call, a Reg-reading IT Pro’s tale of woe when called upon to provide tech support.

The column’s built up a bit of a following, so we’re going to cash in and turn it into an event that we think of as "a support group for tech support people."

If you show up at our Sydney offices at Level 14, 5 Martin Place at 6PM on April 19th, you’ll hear readings from some of the best On-Call columns, plus some that never quite made it out of the On-Call mailbag.

And then it’s over to you to share your own stories of tech support jobs gone wrong.

We’ll lubricate the event with beer, fill you up with food, give away a prize or three and introduce the Vulture South crew.

All of which will cost you just AU$10.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to buy your ticket now!. ®

Bootnote: To Australian readers outside Sydney who fancy a Reg event in their town, the best way to get that happening is by making sure your Sydney-based friends show up to this one! If we can do well here, we'll be able to justify the expense of bringing this show on the road.

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