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Cisco shrinks Tetration for ESX and SaaS

See? We really are a software company now!

Just in case you doubt Cisco’s intention to become a software company, it’s now shrunk its Tetration analytics software and spawned a SaaS version.

When Tetration appeared in 2017 the telemetry analytics tool needed 36 servers to go about its business. Cisco later cut the server count to six for Tetration-M and added a version that runs in AWS or Azure (Tetration-V Public Cloud).

Now it’s delivered a Tetration-V On Premises, which runs as a VM in any ESXi environment on commodity x86 servers. The product will be sold with one, three and five-year subscriptions, plus licences for up to 100 workloads.

Also new is a SaaS version of Tetration. Intriguingly, Cisco would not tell The Register which public cloud hosts the service, but the company assured us a top-tier global cloud is doing the business. The SaaS offering does all you’d expect in terms of resilience and swift startup time, and can also handle workloads running in public and private clouds. It also scales to 25,000 workloads.

Cisco was at pains to tell us that the new versions of Tetration show just how committed it is to decoupling software and hardware. We get it guys: you’re as happy to charge subs for your stuff as you are to sell a box and sell maintenance, and have figured out how to keep the resulting revenue about the same while also using SaaS to make the whole experience a bit more pleasant!

In related news, Splunk, a frenemy to Tetration, has decided that users of industrial equipment deserve a chance to use its telemetry-herding and analytics expertise. The company’s therefore created a new “Industrial Asset Intelligence” (IAI) product, started to ally with organisations that know industries like manufacturing inside-out and declared it is an internet of things player.

Splunk’s already tested the product with a few users and is now open to doing so with others, but won’t price or sell IAI to all comers until later in 2018. Despite the product’s status, the company would not characterise IAI as effectively being a beta. ®

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