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Former DXC UK chief Wilson lands at Micro Focus

From one burning deck to another

Recently departed DXC Tech UK boss Nick Wilson has swapped one troubled employer for another - he is the new global veep of professional services at the retirement home for legacy software, Micro Focus.

As exclusively revealed by El Reg way back when, Wilson gave DXC a six-month notice period that he was off: at that stage he’d only been on board the new co for six months so clearly something was amiss, possibly he didn't like being asked to preside over continuous job cuts.

Wilson washed DXC out of his hair at the end of March and has surfaced at Micro Focus at an interesting time for the company: just weeks ago Micro Focus parted with CEO Chris Hsu and opened up on a range of operational woes that collectively wiped 50 per cent off its market cap.

Still, things can only get better can’t they?

Wilson confirmed his new role to The Register but said he did not want to talk more to your correspondent. It seems El Reg may have disappointed Wilson by writing not only about the happy times.

For those suffering from a light bout of amnesia, our stories included: multiple redundancy programmes on a quarter-by-quarter basis; losing some customers including the DWP; spewing AWS private keys onto public GitHub; asking staff to fill in a skills profile they suspected would be used to crush their jobs; cutting pensions; office closures; tightening staff costs.

You get the direction of travel here. None of this, of course, was of Wilson’s making. He was following directions from above (CEO Mike Lawrie, not god).

According to TechMarketView - whom we suspect Wilson does include on his Xmas card list - the Micro Focus role will involve making things better for the services portfolio.

He’ll [Wilson] be working on creating a more integrated professional services offering and business that’s better at helping customers maximise the value from their Micro Focus investments well as pulling through additional product sales. To us it makes sense to put a services veteran in charge of this business, not least one that has a reputation for being very good at ‘fixing things'.

Prior to joining DXC, Wilson ran HPE’s Enterprise Services business in Asia Pacific, and even further back in time, Wilson ran HP UK.

El Reg wishes Wilson all the luck in the world, and if you ever have a change of heart, you know where we are. ®

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