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It's April 2018, and we've had to sit on this Windows 10 Spring Creators Update headline for days

Bug gives Microsoft cold feet

Microsoft has yet to release the Spring Creators Update to Windows 10. We've been sitting here waiting with a story about the launch ready to go, and nothing. Now people are starting to talk.

Rumored to arrive on April 10 alongside Patch Tuesday, the Spring Creators Update, aka version 1803 aka Red Stone 4, is due to deliver new code including a revamped interface, enhanced privacy and security features, and beefed up Cortana search capabilities.

Now if only they could just get the damn thing out the door. With that suggested deadline having come and gone, it's worth asking just what is going on. Could it be that everyone was preoccupied with Mark Zuckerberg appearing before US Congress, and any operating system launch would be lost in the headlines? Surely not.

Microsoft isn't much help. When prodded for explanation, a Redmond spokesperson only had this to offer:

We’re excited to release the next update to Windows 10 and we’ll share more when we’re ready.

That's not much help. Windows watcher Zac Bowden reported that a show-stopping bug was holding up the release of SCU. There's no word on exactly what the fault is, but it's nice to know Microsoft isn't just knowingly shipping broken code.

By design, there has been no official word on when the update will land, and chances are when it does arrive there will be little fanfare – as Microsoft tends to roll out the software gradually to minimizing the howling and screaming when the thing happens to break machines. In the meantime, one sure-fire way to get the latest Windows is to enroll in the Insider program, and play away. ®

Updated to add

Turns out there's some blue-screen-of-death bugs still lurking in the code.

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