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Windows 10 Springwatch: See the majestic Microsoft in its natural habitat, fixing stuff the last patch broke

Bumper update flings slew of 'Quality Improvements' at OS

Windows 10 Springwatch participants got a treat last night in the form of a bumper update to Windows 10 1709 (aka the Fall Creators Update).

The patch (KB4093105) landed a week after older versions of Windows 10 (1703 and 1609) got their own variety of Microsoft's secret sauce. The patch included a truckload of what Redmond likes to call "Quality Improvements", fixes for the functionality that was broken following the 10 April Patch Tuesday.

After applying that patch (which contained a number of important security fixes) the niche group of stylus-wielders that makes use of the OS's pen support experienced what Microsoft described as "unexpected panning or scrolling in certain apps".

Microsoft confessed in a community post that those "certain apps" included minor programs such as Adobe Photoshop in a community post, along with a workaround that required users to do some manual registry wrangling.

As well as resolving the pen problems, the update also contained a slew of other fixes including improvements to stop Skype falling over and cosmetic changes to stop the Start Menu showing invisible apps and hiding user-pinned folders or tiles.

Users will be hoping that this update has laid the groundwork for the impending Spring Creators Update (or April Update, or 1803, or whatever Microsoft ends up calling it) in the next few weeks and not broken anything else. ®

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