Software transformation for the rest of us: Check out the lineup of talks at our devops conference

Continuous Lifecycle puts real business at heart of the agenda

Event If you've ever wondered whether traditional companies are at a disadvantage when it comes to exploiting the latest software development and deployment strategies, you should get yourself down to our Continuous Lifecycle London conference in three weeks' time.

Yes, we’ve got over three dozen of the smartest minds in DevOps, Containers, Serverless and Continuous Delivery joining us at the event. But more importantly, our speaker lineup has a solid grounding in putting the newest ideas to work in traditional companies and industries.

Whether it’s finance or retail, media or motors, they’ve had to deal with the sort of monoliths and legacy systems that the less daring would think could stop transformation in its tracks.

At the same time, we have experts who will help you ensure you can apply the smartest ideas in the most sensible manner, whether by getting a grip on the scriptocalypse, building in security from the get go, or even by skipping that whole cloud thing and running Kubernetes on-prem.

And if you want to get up close and personal with them, be our guest. We always encourage copious amounts of Q&A and ensure there’s time around the formal sessions to connect with the speakers, and your fellow attendees.

You can find full details of this year’s conference and workshop sessions, and buy tickets at the Continuous Lifecycle website here. And if you need to get yourself up to speed on the story so far, you can still check out video of last year’s speakers here, including Continuous Delivery pioneer Dave Farley. ®

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