Texas residents start naming adopted drains

Waterway to have a good time

The good folk of Houston, Texas have started naming their adopted drains, as part of a community project seeking sponsorship of the city's water discharge system.

Monickers so far have included "Masshole", "It's Draining Men" and "Sir Drains a Lot", according to the Houston Chronicle.

The city's Adopt-A-Drain Program was launched last month, intended to prevent future flooding by asking individuals to adopt at least one of the 115,000 available storm drains. Incidentally, one of the names adopted by one drain parent is Stormy Drainels (geddit - ed).

Participants are asked to keep their drain clear of leaves and rubbish by cleaning it at least four times a year (especially before it rains), clean 10 feet on both sides of the drain, and compost or dispose of leaves and rubbish.

The programme was introduced after it was first presented at the Houston Hackathon last year.

Amy Reed, executive director of Keep Houston Beautiful, a backer of the campaign, said the group would host five events as a part of this programme to distribute supplies and create educational materials.

"We know that there will be another storm and this program will make a daily difference in the lives of our residents by making sure that your storm drainage system is ready for the next storm," she said.

Under the scheme, people can search for the drain nearest to them and give it a nickname online.

Other names have included "Drainy McDrain Face", "Snakes on a Drain" and "This is Where Ted Cruz Stores the Bodies".

Having seen the film IT, The Register would concur with one suggestion, 'Pennywise's Home". How about y'all float one too… ®

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