Kubernetes and Containers? We’ve got 3 ways to take you deep

CLL18 workshops also cover Agile, Serverless, Continuous Delivery

Promo If you want a steer on Kubernetes and containers, we've got three cracking workshops at Continuous Lifecycle later this month.

On May 18, Giant Swarm’s Paweł Kopiczko and Ross Fairbank will help you get on top of Kubernetes and to automate tasks by building custom controllers, with their workshop on Developing Operators for Kubernetes.

Also on May 18, Ben Hall returns to deliver a workshop on Deploying Containers with Kubernetes, which will take you from initialising a Kubernetes cluster to running Kubernetes in the cloud.

Meanwhile, Eberhard Wolff introduces the fundamental concepts of microservices and self-contained systems in his session on Microservices Alternatives.

Our Friday lineup also includes continuous delivery pioneer Dave Farley who will be leading a workshop on Continuous Delivery: Theory and Practice.

And remember, on Tuesday, May 15, Agile pioneer Linda Rising leads an all day session on Influence Patterns for Practitioners, while Symphonia’s Mike Roberts will discuss the benefits, trade-offs, and concepts behind Serverless Architecture.

Each of these sessions will take you deep on the subject in question. Together with the broad range of topics on the conference agenda, and two outstanding keynotes, we reckon Continuous Lifecycle London offers an unparalleled chance to learn from, and socialise with, some of the best in the world when it comes to software development and deployment. And DevOps. And containers. And Kubernetes...

Places are filling up, so head over to the Continuous Lifecycle Website now to secure your place. ®

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