Presto chango, crypto buyo: You're travelling like El Reg's gang of nerds

Fancy micropaying for the great Geek's Guide eBook?

You were with us when we chucked our backpacks in the boot and drove up the M6 to Jodrell Bank in 2013 and five years on, you're still reading our travel series on UK locations that are covered in scientific or engineering glory.

Now we'd like you to join us again, as The Reg takes Geek’s Guide to Britain on its next great adventure.

The Register is pleased to announce the Geek’s Guide to Britain ebook - an ads-free edition of our popular history travelogue series for your favourite reading device.

And, you can buy our ebook for just pennies on the pound – or, rather, micropayments – as The Register is making Geek’s Guide to Britain available for sale using the Stellar Lumens crypto-currency, through a pilot with payment partner SatoshiPay.

As a consummate Reg reader, you’ll of course be familiar with the ins and outs of crypto-currencies and the nuances of blockchain.

After years of trial and error, advances appear to be making micropayments a viable proposition for people like you, readers, and publishers like us.

Finally, we thought, with the summer holidays bearing down, making Geek’s Guide to Britain available in an affordable, portable, e-reader format might be timely. No book to carry, better for the environment, immediate gratification of download and go.

The Geek’s Guide to Britain ebook spans our 26 inaugural destinations – from the iconic Jodrell Bank and Hursley Park to lost and hidden gems such as the site of TAT-1 – the first transatlantic telephone cable in Scotland.

The ebook is available in iBooks format and as PDF. You can purchase the whole book or, should you prefer, individual chapters.

All it takes are some Lumens – which can you can purchase via quick credit card or PayPal transaction from SatoshiPay – and a SatoshiPay wallet that is generated for you, on the fly.

To buy, click here.

Questions? Read the The Register/SatoshiPay FAQ here and you can visit SatoshiPay's privacy policy here.


This is not a follow-up on our 2017 April Fools' Day Reg Bitcoin browser mining paywall – it's the real deal. ®

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