Microsoft patches problematic OS to deal with SSD woes

Finally, some good Windows 10 news

A chink of light has appeared in the wall of Windows 10 update woes in the form of a patch that should address the SSD problems plaguing the OS.

The patch, KB4100403, was emitted by the software giant yesterday and brings the version number of the troubled OS to 17134.81. Tucked away among minor tweaks for time zones and closed caption settings is a fix concerning power regression on systems with NVMe devices from "certain vendors".

The Register has been banging on about SSD problems and the April 2018 Update in general for a while now, and is prepared to wager a delicious pint of beer that those "certain vendors" include Intel and Toshiba.

While not spelled out in the fix list itself, the known issues table does indeed call out the Intel and Toshiba SSD problems. The workaround is, er, KB4100403.

Users who have encountered the Intel 600p or Pro 6000p issue are unlikely to have even managed to get the Windows 10 update installed, and Microsoft suggests hanging fire until the new version is offered by Windows Update. Enthusiasts too keen to wait will be able to force the update from 25 May.

Owners of affected Toshiba SSDs (the XG4, XG5 and BG3 series) are politely encouraged to wait until June's Patch Tuesday for their fix.

In addition to Microsoft's advice, The Register would add that trying this stuff out on a non-production machine would make sense in light of recent events. And for goodness sake, check your backups are in order before letting Windows 10 do its thing. ®

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