Doctor, doctor! My NHS Patient Access app has gone TITSUP*

Bad luck if you want to book an appointment online

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The latest version of the UK National Health Service's Patient Access app and website, used to book appointments and to order repeat prescriptions, has been down for many users over the past 24 hours.

Multiple users have reported to El Reg that they cannot log into the new version released yesterday. The service's status page acknowledges the issue.

One user said that, according to the new web software, it appears the app's servers are out of action. "The support is a bit pathetic and there are lots of angry users," they said.

Another said: "This is pretty serious if you can't make an appointment to see a doctor at all." Others have reported very slow or intermittent access.

The service's homepage, which is currently up although users are still complaining to The Reg about app access, currently states: "We've listened to feedback from patients and GPs to introduce new Patient Access features and a complete redesign, to make it much easier to navigate and help you take better control of your healthcare."

The Patient Access Twitter account told one customer yesterday: "We are having a few teething issues with the new app. We are working very hard to get this resolved as soon as we can."

It told another: "We've seen demand over and above what we usually see and that has caused us some unexpected issues."

Another Tweeter who appeared to be taking some heat from patients, fumed: "Do you know how many complaints I’ve had to listen to since 9am at my surgery? SORT IT OUT."

An NHS Digital spokeswoman told The Register this afternoon that it is aware of the issue, and will come back with a statement shortly. ®

Updated to add

Neil Bennett, service director, Live Services at NHS Digital, said: "As part of an update to the EMIS Patient Access website, iOS and Android apps, the service was unavailable to some users between 15.30 hours Wednesday 30 May 2018 and 14.30 hours on Thursday 31 May 2018. NHS Digital supported the supplier to investigate and resolve the issue."

*Total Inability To Support Usual Patients


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