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Indiegogo grants ZX Spectrum reboot firm another two weeks to send a console

Debt collectors to be unleashed if product doesn't arrive

Indiegogo has given flailing Retro Computers Ltd a fortnight stay of execution on its threat to call in debt collectors after the ZX Spectrum reboot biz failed to deliver a product by the end-of-May deadline.

Following some gentle and not-so-gentle prodding from The Register, the crowdfunding platform eventually told us that it had granted the two-week extension on condition that an example of the finished device is sent to Indiegogo HQ by Tuesday.

A company spokesman told us:

Indiegogo's Trust & Safety team has been in very close contact with the campaign owners as the investigation into the project has continued. We've taken several steps to protect our community, including demanding refunds for any backer that has requested one and banning the campaign owners from launching any other project on our platform.

He also said Indiegogo has handed RCL conditions for the 15 June extension, which are:

  1. Physical evidence that they are actually ready to ship, in the form of a final unit being received by Indiegogo by Tuesday June 5th via FedEx
  2. Immediate refunds to backers who have continued to request this and who no longer wish to receive the console
  3. The name, phone number, and email address of the main contact at Sky so that we may reach out directly to understand the delay in sending units without games, as offered recently to backers

Sky In-Home Service Ltd, which installs Sky TV home equipment, holds the intellectual property rights to the Spectrum computers on behalf of Rupert Murdoch's media empire. It acquired them from Amstrad, which in turn bought them from Sir Clive Sinclair in the mid-1980s following his well-publicised commercial problems.

If these conditions are not met, El Reg understands that Indiegogo will refer RCL to its collections department, a process it insists "has already begun". Previously Indiegogo had promised to send in debt collectors by the end of May, a threat that appears to be weakening.

Customers of RCL, who invested in the ZX dream two years ago, recently called upon Sinclair, who has a corporate interest in RCL, to step in and save the day. No word from the legendary Brit entrepreneur so far.

The first delivery deadline was October 20, 2016.

RCL's latest self-imposed delivery deadline, 8-12 May, sailed by with no sign of delivery. Directors David Levy and Suzanne Martin have been asked to comment and we will update this article if they respond. ®

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