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Un-bee-lievable: Two million Swedish bugs stolen in huge sting

Cops comb area to net wannabe keepers

Bee thieves have created a buzz in Sweden after two million Apis mellifera were stolen – in what appears to be among the largest stings of its kind in Europe.

Bees surround queen bee

Oh honey! Oxfordshire abuzz with reports of a MEEELLION bees stolen


According to the Skånska Dagbladet paper, robbers pinched 50 beehives, as well as bee wax and over 1,000 litres of honey.

As reported by The Local, beekeeper Patrick Nilsson told the paper: "I'm angry and sad. The same kind of sadness as when you have to put down your dog."

Beside himself, Nilsson called a neighbouring beekeeper who confirmed he'd also been ransacked.  Nilsson told the paper he had planned to spend the weekend harvesting honey.

"But I'll have to start at the beginning instead," he said.

Between 50 and 100 beehives are stolen each year in Skåne, southern Sweden, reported the TT news agency.

But Sweden is not alone in experiencing a swarm of bee theft activity.

In March, more than one million bees were stolen from a farm in Oxford, thought to the largest such heist in Blighty.

Hundreds of thousands of bees have been taken from apiaries across England and Wales since 2011, a trend which has been blamed on a rivalry between beekeepers.

However, others have raised the possibility that some thefts could be insider jobs.

Perhaps it's time to start following the honey. ®

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