Telegram users get their stickers back as Apple passes update

Crypto chat Cooks an update

Under attack from Russian regulators, embattled encrypted chat app Telegram has apparently resolved a side-spat with Apple.

For around six weeks, Telegram's developers had tried to ship an update to its app, but on May 31, founder Pavel Durov complained that iOS 11.4 blocked updates.

Rightly or wrongly, Pavel associated the update block with the ban imposed in April by Russian telecom regulator Roskomnadzor.

On May 30, Roskomnadzor asked Apple to pull the app entirely, and to stop sending push notifications of updates – so it wasn't necessarily unreasonable for Durov to put two and two together for a result that Cupertino was complying with the Kremlin.

However, on June 1, the update was apparently accepted, with Telegram announcing its availablility and Durov posting an appreciative Tweet.

There you go, Telegrammers: you have your stickers back. ®

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