FTSE has a nap after a full English IT glitch

London stock markets open an hour late due to a mystery technical fault

Updated Traders were given an hour's reprieve this morning from the tedious task of making and losing copious amounts of cash as the FTSE 100 failed to get out of bed following a technical "glitch".

In the absence of official word from the exchange itself, users took to social media as they pondered what to do with an unexpectedly extended British breakfast.

The FTSE 100 eventually lurched into life at 0900 UK time, opening slightly higher from last night’s close.

A spokesperson for the London Stock Exchange told El Reg:

"Regular trading on London Stock Exchange markets commenced at 09:00. The opening auction on London Stock Exchange was delayed this morning due to a technical issue that has been resolved."

So nothing to see here, nothing to worry about. Right. The Register will update this article as we learn more about this mysterious "technical issue".

Do drop us a discreet line here if you know more. ®

Updated at 1417 to add: London Stock Exchange told The Reg it had "identified a technical software issue that was preventing some members from entering orders into the pre-open auction system prior to the standard market opening time of 08:00.

"To preserve the integrity of the market and to ensure orderly trading, London Stock Exchange decided to delay the market open while the matter was investigated and informed market participants accordingly. Following resolution of the issue, members were notified at 08:40 that trading would commence at 09:00. Trading across our markets has been operating normally since this time."

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