PETA calls for fish friendly Swedish street signage

Fish Are Friends! exclaim animal huggers on World Ocean Day

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Today is World Ocean Day! To celebrate, PETA has asked Mayor of Stockholm, Karin Wanngård, to maybe change a street name to something a bit more fish-friendly.

Fiskargatan, or "Fisherman's Street" in Södermalm comes in for stick, with the animal rights organisation suggesting that "Fish Are Friends Street" would better, promoting "kindness and respect rather than the mass killing of sensitive sea animals."

For readers who've had to sit through multiple viewings of the Pixar movie Finding Nemo due to the demands of small children, "Fish Are Friends" will likely bring to mind the scene where Bruce the "vegetarian" shark pursues Marlin and Dory through a sunken submarine in a moment of blood lust.

In a letter to Wanngård, PETA’s Sascha Camilli described the horrors fish endure between sea and supper before suggesting:

Celebrating World Oceans Day by renaming the street would surely draw the world's attention to Stockholm's efforts to be an environmentally and socially conscious city, and locals would be able to take pride in their community's compassionate lead.

The Stockholm mayor has yet to respond, in spite of Camilli’s offer of a "selection of delicious, healthy vegan fish" for the residents of the affected street to enjoy.

The Register contacted PETA to check if Fishkill, a village in New York, should expect a telephone call in the coming days, but has yet to receive a response.

The residents of Slaughterhouse Lane, in Newark, UK, are doubtless watching developments with interest. ®


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