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♬ Finland, Finland, Finland, the country for new cloud DCs ♬

Forget pony trekking or camping. Finland now boasts a Google cloud region

Suomeen sovellusten kehittämistä ... sorry, let's have that in English: Google has opened its sixteenth cloud region, taking the Google Cloud Platform to the Nordic region via a data centre in Finland.

The company first promised the Finnish region in January 2018.

From a connectivity point of view, the Land of the Thousand Lakes makes sense: while trans-Atlantic cables don't land there (that's mostly the role of Norway and Denmark), it's well-connected to Baltic Sea cables taking in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden).

“The new Finland region, europe-north1, joins the Netherlands, Belgium, London, and Frankfurt in Europe”, Google Cloud product manager Kirill Tropin wrote in a Hello World post.

Europe-north1 is in Google's data centre in Hamina, roughly 150 km towards Russia from the country's capital Helsinki.

Finland is cold, so The Chocolate Factory also gets to trumpet the green credentials of the location because the DC is cooled using Gulf of Finland seawater to ameliorate the heat made by its servers, rather than air-conditioners.

The post notes that Google has 44 partners on board for the launch.

And lastly, because you know you want it … ®

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