Serverless Computing London: Last chance to grab blind bird tickets

We’re about to hit go on agenda...

Events The agenda for Serverless Computing London goes live next week, so you don’t have long to grab our super value blind bird tickets for the November event.

We’ve now got a programme that spans the Serverless and FaaS landscape, from the fundamentals of Serverless computing, through the nuts and bolts of individual platforms, and the tools and techniques you need to tie it all altogether.

We’re confident you’ll find the conference both instructive and entertaining. As with all our events, the emphasis is on tech pros and industry experts who can offer practical, hands-on experience and advice on the technology, how to put it into practice, and how to manage both your applications and your team.

Right now, blind bird tickets cost for just £500 plus VAT. Once the programme is published, ticket prices will jump to the regular early bird price of £665 plus VAT. At the same time, we’ll post details of our all-day hands-on workshops. Once the early bird offer finishes, all tickets will be full price, no exclusions.

So, if you want to get the best possible price for the two-day conference - including all-day refuelling and a drinks reception on the first night - you should act now.

For details of this very limited offer, head over to the Serverless Computing website now. We look forward to seeing you in November. ®

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