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Hipster horror! Slack has gone TITSUP: Total inability to support user procrastination

Work-avoidance tool avoids work

Updated Hipster darling and reskinned IRC client Slack went dark today, with users having to resort to actually speaking to each other instead.

The topple began at 10:25 UK time, with Slack's status drone tweeting that the service was having some problems. Things appeared to get back to normal 10 minutes later (the time it takes a hipster to slouch across a room and power cycle a server, presumably) but fell over properly a few hours later, at around 14:20. The howls of anguish at Vulture Central echoed throughout London.

Social media reacted in its usual measured fashion, with users around the world expressing upset and distress over the outage.

After doubtless hoping things would calm down, Slack took to Twitter to admit that yes, it was having some difficulties over all workspaces.

Slack's status page, which had been reporting 100 per cent uptime for June, is now reporting both this morning's European "incident" and the current full-blown outage. Back to MSN Messenger then.

El Reg has contacted Slack to find out what the problem is and when the world's hipsters might be able to take to their keyboards once more. We'll update with any response. ®

Updated to add

A Slack PR person sent us a statment:

"We’re sorry for the inconvenience but Slack is experiencing some difficulties right now. Rest assured, we’re working hard to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and we’ll update you as soon as we have more information."

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