Oracle, for one, says we'll welcome our new robot overlords: '90%' of you will obey an AI bot

You will obey! You will obey! You will obey! You will obey!

Nine tenths of us pathetic meatbags are just itching for a benevolent AI to take charge of our affairs and make all the big decisions.

This according to enterprise software giant Oracle, who for some reason funded a study polling 1,320 "HR leaders and employees" as to whether they would want to be taking orders from a robot.

The answer, according to Hurd-n-Katz, is a resounding "yes": 93 percent of those polled said they would trust orders from a robot.

"While people are ready to embrace Artificial Intelligence at work, and understand that the benefits go far beyond automating manual processes, organizations are not doing enough to help their employees embrace AI and that will result in reduced productivity, skillset obsolescence and job loss," Oracle said on Thursday in its summary of the survey.

In addition to being really eager to be made redundant by machines, the survey claims employees can't say enough about the benefits of automation: 79 per cent of the HR leaders polled think that failure to adopt AI will have negative consequences on their own careers.

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You will not be shocked to learn that the survey comes on the heels of an effort by Oracle to flog its AI-powered services to companies. The database giant has been pushing hard on its Autonomous Database line as of late, and being able to show off a survey suggesting people love AI is right in line with their sales pitch.

Conveniently, this study found that the outgoing humans are all for the idea of bots doing their jobs. Rather than worrying about losing their roles, Oracle says, people are eager to know how they can better serve their robo-overlords.

"As this study shows, people are not afraid of AI taking their jobs and instead want to be able to quickly and easily take advantage of the latest innovations,” said Emily He, designated SVP of the grouping known as Oracle's Human Capital Management Cloud Business.

"To help employees embrace AI, organizations should partner with their HR leaders to address the skill gap and focus their IT strategy on embedding simple and powerful AI innovations into existing business processes."

We think what the $39.8bn annual revenue business means to say is "buy our new products or you'll be sorry". ®

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