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Have I been paid, Sage? Cloudy wage service locks out users

Folk confronted by 'Invalid Properties' error on login

Employees signed up to Sage's 50cloud Payroll service have been having problems accessing their payslips after an update borked servers.

The problem, which appeared to affect a minority of users, began on 25 June. Users, keen to check their latest payslip, found themselves unable to log in, receiving a slightly worrying "Invalid Properties" message.

While Sage's own status page insisted everything was hunky-dory, social media told a different story.

A Register reader also got in touch with the same problem, having been told by his organisation's IT team that Sage was indeed having difficulties. Sage itself maintained a dignified silence.

Sage's hardworking support team reported on 27 June that a fix was in the offing, and due to be deployed on 2 July. Sadly, 2 July came and went without resolution.

Users that were struggling to get hold of their paperwork were offered a manual workaround upon calling Sage support, although what that entailed remains unclear. Hopefully something more sophisticated than a sad-faced Sage employee turning up at the door, clutching a brown envelope.

A Sage spokesperson confirmed to The Register that an update finally lumbered onto to the cloudy accounting firm's systems last night, although remained tightlipped about what had actually happened.

While the affected users awaited a fix, they could take solace in Sage's social media marketing:

"Improvements" that included not being able to access your payslips. Hurrah for cloud innovation. ®

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