What does AI and machine learning mean for finance, security, energy?

Find out at Mcubed...and save cash now

Events If you’re looking for practical advice on what machine learning and AI can do for businesses like yours, you should secure your place at MCubed, our three-day exploration of all of the above, in October.

And you should act now, because our earlybird ticket offer is due to expire at the end of this month.

We’ve got almost 40 speakers joining us at 30 Euston Square in October, spanning the fundamentals of AI and ML, and their practical use in real world organisations, as well as some more exotic applications.

So if you want a handle on how to get an AI model out of the lab and into production, you’ll want to check out our session from Accenture’s Emma Kendrew.

More specifically, we’ve got sessions covering how deep learning can predict train arrivals, help in building design, or guide trading strategies.

If you want to get more exotic, we’ve got speakers putting technology to work on the smart grid, in underwater drones, and on military vehicles.

One thing you won’t need a lot of data for... working out that it makes sense to snap up an early bird ticket now, saving you hundreds on both the conference our optional day three workshops.

So, head over to the MCubed website, peruse the agenda, and we’ll be seeing you in October. ®

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