Oracle Database 18: Now in downloadable Linux flavour

Oh, and Windows, but cool kids don't use that

Oracle Database 18 is now available for on-prem download on Linux, according to a talkative senior Oracle chap.

Oracle corporate HQ

Oracle: Think our DB sales are great now? Wait until we actually get the new product out...


Mike Dietrich, Big Red's master product manager for upgrades and migrations, said users can download 18.3 from the Oracle website as a handy 4.3GB .ZIP file.

In addition, database-loving folk can also get their hands on Windows client versions (both 32-bit and 64-bit). It's free to use under the terms of the OTN licence, but you need to be registered on

"The download gets you the zip file but not the rpm. Those may take a couple of weeks for unknown reasons," wrote Dietrich.

As we reported last year, Oracle changed its release numbering from version number increments to year-based increments. Hence Oracle Database 18 was previously known as Oracle Database The cash-printing company (which posted profits of $13.7bn on revenues of $39.8bn in fiscal year 2017) has now moved to a quarterly release cycle.

While its cloud service and licensing income revenue was up by 8 per cent year-on-year, its infamous licensing business saw revenues dip by 5 per cent. Times are interesting for Big Red, especially as its Autonomous Database product beds into the market. ®

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