Smart Grids, robofish and chaos... get on top of machine learning and AI

Save now, join us in October

Events If you’re wondering how your organisation can cut through the hype and actually benefit from AI and machine learning, you should join us at MCubed in London this October.

And by grabbing one of our earlybird tickets before they expire next week, you’ll be boosting your bottom line as well as your brain.

Our conference sessions range from the fundamentals of machine learning and AI, through the frameworks and tools you need to use, and how they’re being applied in business as well as academic settings.

We’ll be looking at how you can use the technology to make sense of user generated content, tackle engineering problems, or predict currency rates, through to how machine learning is shaping the smart grid, or helping underwater drones map the ocean floor.

And we’ll be taking you through the logistics of developing and deploying projects in the real world, whether your team comes from a traditional developer or data science background.

On day 3, we have four optional workshops covering key technologies. They are all highly practical and designed to get you to help you get to grips with key tools and learn how to apply them to your organisation.

Throughout the conference and workshops we’ll ensure you’re fully supplied with excellent food and drink, so that you can get the most of the formal proceedings and those crucial chats on the sidelines.

Right now our earlybird offer means you can save £100s on both the conference and workshop tickets. But hurry, this offer is due to end in less than a week, at which point the full price will apply. You can see the full lineup, and snag those earlybird tickets on the website here. ®

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