Mellanox plumps pipes on Bluefield controller to squeeze out 200Gb/s

That's right, count 'em. And 4 million IOPS to boot

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Mellanox claims to have rolled out the world's fastest Ethernet storage fabric controller at this year's Flash Memory Summit.

The Bluefield storage controllers are, it said, optimised for "extreme efficiency and programmable virtualization for NVMe over Fabrics".

They are billed as delivering 4 million IOPS with NVMe-oF, up to 200Gb/s of PCIe bandwidth and network ports run as either Ethernet or its high-throughput, low-latency cousin Infiniband.

"Storage, server, and cloud customers are telling us they need faster, more efficient ways to network and virtualize NVMe flash," said Kevin Deierling, Mellanox's marketing veep, in a canned quote.

The Bluefield controllers, he added, "tightly integrate flash connectivity, networking, and Arm processors to maximize performance and efficiency, while eliminating the need for a separate CPU in storage and hyperconverged appliances".

The new kit is expected to hit the market in Q4, and Mellanox said OEMs are integrating them into complete storage systems. A host of familiar and perhaps not-so-familiar names are supporting Bluefield, including Kaminario, NetApp, Samsung, WD and Toshiba.

The previous version of the Bluefield controller card delivered half the PCIe bandwidth at 100Gb/s, as a quick shufti at Mellanox's website confirms. ®


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